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It’s that time of year again, the “VetsRoll” national Escort Ride will be taking place on May 19th through May 22nd.

Once again, Fire & Iron will be Leading 12 bus loads of Veterans and ‘Rosie the Riveters” as they go on their trip to Washington D.C.

This group will have service members from WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Fire and Iron will escort them from Beloit, Wisconsin to Washington D.C. and return.

There are 2 ways you can participate in this exciting and very emotional ride.

  1. You can ride for the entire trip to D.C. and return. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS please get in touch with Tammy “Turtle” LaBay of Station 53, and she will supply you with hotel and other information you will need to know upfront, before April 7th

  1. You can ride a portion of the ride. You pick you own starting and ending point. For Stations with multiple members, you should coordinate amongst yourselves when and where you will join up with the convoy.

There will be much more information coming out in the days ahead regarding the routes and times.

Here is an overview of the ride and routes. Sunday the 19th we will leave Beloit, WI. We will travel through Chicago and down to Lafayette, IN, for a breakfast stop. We will continue on to Dayton, OH where we will spend the night. The following day (Monday) we will ride the rest of the way to D.C. Tuesday, we will spend the day with the Veterans and accompany them to the memorials and functions that are planned for them. Wednesday Morning is early wake up. We will leave D.C. and head home on the Northern route that takes us through Cleveland, Chicago and back to Beloit (This is a straight through 900 mile day)

If you have questions or need clarification, you may contact any of us listed below.

Chuck “Finster” Boan – Lead Road Captain 815-289-1379

Tammy “Turtle” LaBay – Secretary 815-978-9811

Marty “Skoony” Schoonover - V.P. 815-494-1137

Ed “Wizeman” LaBay – President 815-979-1903

If you go to , there is a great deal you will see that shows how this all comes together

Hope to see you on the ride! FIFL!


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