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Brothers & Sisters;

In light of recent events we the National Executive Board would like to shed some light on some misconceptions/concerns regarding what we as a National Board can and can’t legally do because of IRS law when it comes to donations to members of Fire & Iron MC.

Since this club is a National 501(c)3, it is illegal for us as a club to donate monies to ourselves only (members). In doing so we open the club as a whole to a list of IRS charges, up to and including money laundering! We also do not have a lenders license, so we cannot lend money to individuals, this would also open up a can of worms we do not want to open. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s because we can’t according to the Lawyers. The National Board has had to make some very difficult and tough decisions in respect to the devastating disasters that have hit our members in the Carolina's and Florida. We support you and hope everyone else does what they can.

This does not mean we as individuals can’t help out our Brothers & Sisters, the National Board has individually supported, as has many of our membership across this nation. With that we say, “support your Brothers & Sisters when in need, sometimes it’s just a call or a beer, other times it’s when you give what you can”. We are our Brothers Keeper!

I would also like to address an issue we have repeatedly noticed; emails, calls, posts, etc…, from members are being directed to the wrong individuals, by sending these correspondence to the wrong person you may get conflicting or wrong advice!

Any information/questions needed about funds or finances should be directed to the National Treasurer – Ben “Meat” Goodstein.

Any information/questions needed about documentation, web site, contacts, etc…, should be directed to the National Secretary – Paul “Chicago Paul” Eggerding. Any information/questions needed about disciplinary action, club issues, etc…, should be directed to the National Sgt. @ Arms – Mike “Cheap A$$” Bentley.

We are constantly in contact, the information will get to us all and we give and receive direction from each other all the time, we are a unit!

If you have any question, concerns, ideas or complaints, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

National Executive Board


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