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Fundraiser for Mason

Fire & Iron Nation,

I introduced Robert Tilly and his son Mason at the National Rally and we are asking for your help. Mason is 6 years old and has Heterotaxy a genetic disorder where all of his organs are on the wrong side of his body. This also causes heart defects. He has already had 9 open heart surgeries and multiple abdominal surgeries to relocate his organs. Robert is a Winston-Salem Firefighter and all of his son's care has to be done at Boston's Children's Hospital. To keep things afloat Robert works full time for Winston and parttime for multiple departments resulting in him pulling 24/7/365. His family is currently over $100,000 in debt from Mason's medical and travel expenses.

With @2,000 members in this great nation we are asking that everyone donate $10.00 per member. If we can accomplish this we will raise $20,000 for this awesome family. Robert and his wife have told me that if we could raise the $20,000 he would not have to work multiple jobs he would be able to take a year and spend with his son at home only working his fulltime Winston-Salem department.

Please consider donating via PayPal friends and family to and place Mason in the message. 100% of the money will be donated to his family in cash to allow them to pay medical bills and put their lives back together.

Thank you,

Brent "Woody" Miller

President Station 143


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