Fire and Iron 68 gets massive honor

Nation, It is with great pride and humility that I announce Fire & Iron M/C has been selected to present a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Our date and time will be Sept 22, 2018 at 12:15pm. This is a tremendous honor and I would like to have as many of you there to be a part of it as possible. Because of the amount of moving parts involved with this, I will not be able to secure block rooms. I ask that the Stations make their own arrangements. We will have to be at the Arlington Cemetery by 10am on the 22nd. This will allow enough time to process everyone through security and make our way to the Tomb. I will be providing further instruction at the welcome center as this will be the last opportunity to pass word or ask questions- there is no talking once we reach the Tomb. The plan is fluid right now as we are working out several logistical points. The only thing that will remain unchanged is the date and time. I would also request that Stations give me a rough count of who may be attending. This way I can give the Arlington staff a heads-up. This will also assist us in getting through security faster. The obvious next question is can we ride to the Tomb? Currently the answer is no. As of right now we will be provided a tram to ride from the welcome center to the Tomb. This is subject to change and we are still in talks with the staff to find a way to make this happen. For those in attendance, normal riding attire- to include cuts- is fine. The ones who have been selected to present the wreath are the only ones subject to a dress code. We will have a photographer on hand who will be given a special pass to ensure great pictures are taken from areas not allowed by visitors. This will include a group shot at the conclusion of the ceremony. You are allowed to take pictures from the viewing area. For those who have visited the Tomb know it is a place of honor and respect. If this will be your first visit, you will find it to be a truly humbling and patriotic experience. Again, we are still in the planning phase of this, but if you do have any questions- I am available to answer them. ML&R, Etch Station 68 Eastern Carolina (252)269-1238


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