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Hey brothers as some of you may or may not know brother Wahlstrom was diagnosed grade 4 glioblastoma (cancerous and fatal brain tumor) back in September of 2017. Brother Wahlstrom has since had a stroke, which has left him with left side paralysis and is now in a sub acute rehab. Although this cancer is considered on the job type he will not receive benefits until he dies (stupidest law ever). Through these times Wally has not had any support through his family. His girlfriend Danielle has been by his side through out the whole ordeal she is a god send and we are lucky to have her to take care of our brother. My wife Heather has been his power of attorney, which has been a task in its self. As wally has been dealing with this tumor and stroke his cheating ex wife has decided now that it is great time to file for divorce. They were married for 6 years she was faithful for 2 and now wanted half his pension and to throw him out of the home that she left and have it be sold by August. We agreed to the marital share of the 6 years( which will be shit what she deserves) of the pension and to sell the house and divorce is final. Heather has done a tremendous job taking care of our brother. I am his healthcare proxy which in it self has been like running backwards naked through a corn field. Insurance company has been threatening to end his benefit and kick him to the street every other week. We are in the process of finding him a home that is handicap accessible. We have amazing support locally so far.

The issues is that Wally is going to need 8 hours a day care and that is going to be costly. Danielle is willing to stay with him at night and her days off till the end. This is a terminal disease we just don't know how much longer he has.

For any of you that don't know wally. He was in the Marines and he was a Wareham firefighter for the past 20 years. He would give the shirt of his back to help anyone at any time. So at this time we are asking for help. We are doing a poker run for Wally on June 3rd and we are looking for sponsors for our shirt. the cost is 250$ for your logo or station name. I know this is last minute but as you can see we have been a little busy. We need your logo by the end of this week. If you just want to make a donation you can send it to PayPal

Sorry for the length of this email, but wally loves this club and its time for the club to love him back. There will be more benefits to come but this is where we start.

Much love and respect



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