• Lance Hilliard

Important Election Letter

TO: Fire & Iron Nation Hello to all, hope this finds you all well. As you know I accepted a nomination to run as National President in this year’s election. What you don’t know is this! Months prior to accepting the nomination I had received a phone call from Ricci. After a few minutes of pleasantries, he asked me If I was planning on running again against him. We spoke for quite a while, covered a lot of topics and I came to the conclusion that the club was running good, that the National Board was firing on all cylinders and that for the first time in the club’s history they were all working together and functioning as a whole. So why upset that? It concluded with me telling Ricci that I would not run against him at this time. So why did I accept the nomination then?? Here’s why. First and foremost to protect the club! I had heard rumors of people out there considering running for the position and thought, well if I put my name in perhaps, just perhaps, it might deter them. Who knows maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but that was my thought. That being said, prior to accepting the nomination I called Ricci and explained the situation and my thoughts. I then moved forward with the acceptance of it, but before we hung up I again told Ricci that I had given him my word and would not run against him, period, That’s it folks, I gave him my word! Now because of those two reasons, and because I truly believe the only thing you really have in this world of true value is your word, I’ll be dropping my name off the ballot for this year’s election. Hope you can all understand! That being said I would one day like to be your National President. I helped start this club and would be honored to know at one point I was its National President. Perhaps next term will be my turn, who knows, time will tell, as they say you never know what’s around the corner. Lance “YUMMY” Hilliard Co-Founder Fire & Iron MC FIFL!!


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