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To Our Employees, Partners and Friends: As you may know, one of our employees, Tim “Shrek” Williamson, had a heart attack and passed away on the job earlier this week at the age of 45. While most of you knew Shrek as the smiling guy who maintained our grounds, unlocked dumpster gates, carried in materials, demoed units, or helped with maintenance, there’s a whole lot more to him behind the scenes.

Several years ago as a contractor of a contractor, I met this man with what appeared to be a very strong work ethic and a “can do” attitude who had been down on his luck and scrambling to make ends meet. When his luck turned south again, we took a chance on him as a full time employee and gave him an apartment to call home. What I got in return was not only a great employee, but a dear friend who became like a brother to me.

In today’s society, it’s much harder to spot the angels among us so I wanted to share some background on Shrek:

  • Tim came from very humble beginnings without knowing his Dad and grew up without a stable family – he often had to be the rock to keep things together for his Mother. The generosity of a neighbor who Tim calls his Uncle is what helped him to hang on through his childhood.

  • He has 4 boys through birth and adoption that he has raised as sons whom he loved dearly. His eldest is 25 and youngest is 14. Those adopted were rescued from people that abandoned them due to drugs, abuse,etc.

  • His 8-year old grandson was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) cancer at 6 months old and has been through multiple surgeries and treatments to continue to survive. Tim has been the strength to help little Chris through this.

  • Tim was a volunteer firefighter for Dixie Suburban over in Louisville for 12 years.

  • He overcame a lot of adversity, including surviving a prior heart attack and stroke in addition to heartbreaks and life’s hiccups.

  • He was the Sergeant-at-Arms and a member of the local Firefighter Motorcycle Club “Fire and Iron.” This global network of 140 different chapters of current and former firefighters, EMTs, and others who worked in support of fire service, use their love of motorcycles as the mission to raise money for various charities.

  • Tim has never met a stranger – he’d help out anyone he could and I’ve watched him give his last $5 to help a friend out.

  • Despite all things Tim was ever faced with, he never stop loving and caring for every person he came in contact with. Always wore his heart on his sleeve and always had nothing less than a passionate positiveoutlook on life no matter what.

We are proud to employ 2 of his sons whom live onsite at River Chase. Unfortunately, Tim’s kids are left with a tough road ahead, not to mention the financial hardship they face. We, along with the Firefighter “Fire and Iron” Club, are working to cover the cost of funeral expenses, along with the legal fees the kids face to ensure the 14-yr old can remain with his family.

For those that knew Tim and wish to pay their respects, his visitation and funeral services are being held Sunday/Monday as attached:

For those that would like to help the family with a donation, I’ve set up a PayPal account that’s free for Friends and family

I thank everyone for being a part of our extended family and please keep Tim’s family in your thoughts and prayers.


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