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National Vice President Primary Election Information

Ladies and gentlemen of Fire and Iron MC, Primary voting for the National Vice Presidential election is underway. Each station may submit up to two names from the three candidates running.

Voting is open now, until April 30th, 2018 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific time.

Please copy and paste the information below in a reply email to me. Place a "X" next to the two names you wish to move on to be voted at the National Rally. Please also include your station number in your response for ease of tracking. Also include your regional officer so he knows that you have voted. Good luck to all three men!

National Vice President Candidates

  1. Don "Match" Matchem Current National Vice President / President Station 144 _____

  2. Gary "G-Squared" Gesling President Station 25 ________

  3. Chris "Burnout" Broege President Station 37 ______


Love and Respect,

Paul "Chicago Paul" Eggerding National Secretary Fire and Iron Firefighters MC


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