Match: National Vice President Candidacy Letter

Brothers and Sisters of Fire & Iron MC;

I am asking for your consideration for the re-election to the position of National Vice President, a position I have held for the past 18+ months. During that time, I have been an integral part of the Executive Board, working to put us into the position we are in today.

Some may think that this an easy position which doesn’t carry the same workload as the others, one that sits silently in the background and waits. If you do you are mistaken (ask any who’ve held this position). The job description of the National VP is clearly stated in the National Bylaws along with all National/Regional and Station Officers, the description is fluid, which they have to be to work for this club. With that said, any officer at any level who sticks directly to the description and no more is not giving this club it’s worth. This position carries as much of the workload as the others and then some. I have put my heart and soul into this position and absolutely love the results we as a group have accomplished, I will say there is more to do and I’m not finished yet.

I’ve been told “We don’t hear from you often,” to this I say, that’s a good thing, just ask those who have. This is a board of members with defined roles, working together as we should, not against each other. We don’t always agree, we argue and get upset (I have a Hello Kitty Fruit Basket to prove it; thanks Eggie) but we get it done. Everyone has a different style, I put my head down and go to work. I’m not looking for accolades and pats on the back, I do my job and I work for the team, I work for you the membership. I’ve said several times, all the patches (titles) on the front of my cut are humbling, but the most important to me is the patch on my back, the one I’ve earned, the one that is the same as everyone else’s.

I’ve been traveling around this Nation since I joined this amazing club in 2006, making wonderful lifelong friendships along the way, attending a Presidents Meeting in almost every Region (I’ll cross that off my bucket list this year). Traveling to other Regions/Stations is something I love to do and will continue no matter what, made much easier now that I’m a few years from retirement and I’ve got more days to burn than days in the year.

I’ve been growing and learning with you guys continuously. I was against the idea of year tabs, then I had a conversation with my man Nathan “Donkey’ Crooks who explained to me with great passion why it was important to him, lesson learned for me. The membership wanted it, they got it. The members are always teaching me something, an education I cherish! I listen to the membership!

We are amazingly strong; but we are as diverse as this country, in ways you can’t imagine. This is why nothing is an easy fix for this Nation. I said earlier that our job descriptions are fluid, the whole of the Bylaws are fluid and need to be in order for this club to stay neutral and keep you safe. Remember if you put it in black & white you are bound by it, perfect if your one organization in one area, but that’s not us and never will be. EX: The Fire Service is a Basic fluid document that works for the whole, then adapted by each individual department to work best for them.

Some of the boards accomplishments to date that I/we have been directly involved with are; becoming a nationally recognized 501(c) 3 charitable organization and a 501 (c) 7 club organization. The National Executive Board, with the help of the Founding members trademarked the Fire and Iron Logo, as well as other logo’s and names associated with the club. All this for the protection of the club and its membership.

In New Orleans we made the first major revision of the Bylaws, a base to work with and develop as we the members decide. We partnered with Firehouse magazine, hosting and leading a ride at Firehouse Expo in Nashville, TN. to raise money for firefighters that were directly affected by hurricanes that struck both Houston, TX and Central Florida this year.

In closing, I’m not the sit back wait for it to happen type person, I have been out front with the board accomplishing things needing to be accomplished. There are still issues and we handle them quickly and effectively, usually unbeknownst to the membership. This Nation is in the best shape we’ve ever been in. This works because this team works and it works because we listen, not dictate! I know the Founders are happy with the direction of this club, we keep their vision in mind. I feel at this time we need to keep to the path we’re on to make this club even stronger and thrive. We are at the top of our game, firing on all cylinders and growing in a rapid, positive direction. I just believe if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it!!!! Let’s keep this board together!

I talk to most of you on a regular basis, if I haven’t in a while, please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Thank you for your time!


National VP



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