Burnout: National Vice President Candidacy Letter

Brothers and Sisters of Fire and Iron, My name is Chris Broege, aka. Burnout and I would like to be your National Vice President. I am submitting this letter in order for you learn a little bit about me and my beliefs regarding this great organization, Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club.

Let me start by providing my personal background. My wife, Jodi aka. Sybil, and I have been married for over 15 years and have two daughters. We are active with our children's school, and various related activities. I joined Fire and Iron in 2008 and currently am the President of Station 37, as well as the Wisconsin state representative.

Twenty­Eight (28) years ago my father and I went into business together. We own and operate a fabrication company. Our company has grown substantially over the years and has given me a great deal of insight into how to lead an organization. I am in a position within our company which allows me time to dedicate to the Club and the membership.

I first felt the brotherhood of the fire service during my twelve (12) plus years as a firefighter in Summit, Wisconsin. When I joined this club, I had no idea the impact this new family would have on my life. Jodi and I have shared many great experiences with the brothers and sisters of this club, making many lifelong friends. These experiences have truly strengthened my faith in this club and its members. This brotherhood is what fuels my passion for the club.

I am firm believer in the vision from which Fire & Iron was created, to get together and ride, and the more you are involved the more you feel the brotherhood. I have found that traveling throughout the nation helps to build the brotherhood/sisterhood. That’s not to say a member that only participates at the station level will be any less a brother/sister. However, when we are able to get out of our area and meet members from across the country, it allows a greater feeling of the true nature of this club. This shared brotherhood helps to link the stations together and make our nation stronger. As I ride around to the different regions, I have had the opportunity to see first hand what happens in the different stations within the regions.

As a National Vice President this insight will allow me to understand the viewpoints and issues, of the entire nation. I will also be available to hear your concerns first hand and provide answers to questions and concerns. As your National Vice President, I will lead by example. I plan to draw from my past leadership experiences in business, family, fire department and Fire and Iron to help guide me. My goals are to continue to travel as much as possible, allowing me to strengthen current friendships while continuing to make new ones. I will do my best to be the voice of the all members of this great organization on the National Board. The heart of this club are the friendships, and memories, we all share as brothers and sisters.


Chris “Burnout” Broege


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