Educational Document Unvieled

Ladies and gentlemen of Fire and Iron MC. Late last year we talked about how the club needed to get on the same path with some educational processes. It is an important aspect of club life to know and understand the world we live in, expected modes of conduct and just general information about our own club. I would like to thank Region 6, Stations 137, 68, and 148, all three Club Founders (Lance Hilliard, Mike Eller and Joe Chez) and the National Board for providing me with the information and the feedback to make this all possible. Know with a set of things each new member and existing member should know, everyone can feel confidant that people in other areas have the same information as they do.

Thank you for allowing me to put this together.!AvCULTwxKBfapkaBzCmD2QO522Ig


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