National Store Information

Brothers and sisters, In October of last year the National Store did a upgrade to improve the store for you as consumers. This included adaptive pay, which means you can place one complete order for all stations and the National through one shopping cart transaction. This has caused issues with some stations as the Paypal system doesn’t show what was purchased and requires users to match Paypal and the store orders. This had caused accounting and order issues for stations and ultimately the nationally store. To fix this issue will require us to remove the adaptive pay portion of the website. This means all members will have to have one transaction per station store and National. While we understand this is inconvenient for you it helps all of us account for the products and dollars associated with these orders. We sincerely apologize for any issues this causes. We are growing as a nation and appreciate your support in this matter. Please contact me directly with questions or concerns. Ben "Meat" Goodstein National Treasurer Fire and Iron MC Station 56 Harrison, OH


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