Updated National Officer Candidates

The Following members have accepted nominations for National Officer positions:

  1. National President: Ricci "Raaalph" Ruschioni Current National President Lance "Yummy" Hilliard Club Founder / Chapter 1

  2. National Vice President: Don "Match" Matchem Current National Vice President Gary "G-Squared" Gesling President Station 25 Chris "Burnout" Broege President Station 37

  3. National Sgt At Arms: Mike "Cheap A$$" Bentley Current National Sgt At Arms

  4. National Secretary: Paul "Chicago Paul" Eggerding Current National Secretary

  5. National Treasurer: Ben "Meat" Goodstein Current National Treasurer

The nomination period closes at 1159:59 PM EST on December 21st, 2017.

Further nominees will be announced as they accept nominations.


Love and Respect,

Paul "Chicago Paul" Eggerding National Secretary Fire and Iron Firefighters MC


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