Welcome to the Fire and Iron Firefighters Motorcycle Club Website!

Fire and Iron is a 100% NEUTRAL,  non-LE but law-abiding motorcycle club. We claim no territory, and we ride with respect for all other MCs, expecting the same in return.  We share Brotherhood across the fire service as well as within the ranks of the MC.

Our membership is composed of both Volunteer and Career firefighters (active and retired), Paramedic/EMTs, Dispatchers, Mechanics, and Inspectors who work in concert with or for the fire service.

We have stations located throughout the United States and Germany. The Club is geographically organized into seven regions of the U.S.  We are primarily a charity-driven MC, supporting fundraising events of our own as well as those of other groups and other MCs.

We are not a “brand-specific” club, and all brands are welcome, however, due to the nature of extensive two-wheeled travel, in all weather, we recommend members have a bike large enough for that purpose.  Many members travel multiple thousands of miles per year to support our causes.  

If you qualify for membership and are interested in joining this dedicated group of people doing some incredible things, there are several methods to process an application.  You can click on the “Nation of Stations” tab in the menu above to discover the nearest station to your location and contact them directly.  Or, you can “contact us” by clicking on that tab and completing the form.  Your contact information will be provided to an area representative, and WE will reach out to YOU.  You are also welcome to “hang-around” with the station nearest you (preferred), to ride with and get acquainted with the people and the things we do, before completing an actual membership application.

If there are no stations near you, you may even start your own/station in your community under the supervision of an established station and/or designated club officer.

Fire and Iron MC is not an organization where you simply send in your money to buy a back patch for your vest. It is an organization composed of many who have earned the privilege to wear one! As all legitimate motorcycle clubs do, new applicants are required to undergo a probation/education period comprised of US teaching YOU all the ins and outs of our organization, and providing you an introduction or glimpse into the realities of motorcycle club culture.